RAS Drone Security Solution

The Nightingale Robotic Aerial Security (RAS) solution is a combination of drones, base stations and advanced software, all working together to provide autonomous and effective perimeter security for your facility.

Capable of flying scheduled patrols day and night, in rain and dust storms, the Nightingale Blackbird drone can be airborne in 30 seconds, and it can transmit live video feeds, land, recharge, communicate and report maintenance needs – all by itself.

When paired with your existing security team and controls, the RAS provides truly formidable perimeter protection.


Scheduled Autonomous Perimeter patrols
The Blackbird can perform scheduled patrols of your perimeter autonomously, based on day, time, path and other parameters.

Autonomous Threat Response
When a security alarm is triggered, the system automatically dispatches a drone to the location and streams live video to the security team.

Manual Patrols and Emergency Response
During emergencies, the Blackbird can be manually deployed as a first responder, providing live feeds and monitoring events.

AI Intrusion Detection
The Blackbird’s onboard Artificial intelligence features allow it to detect human and vehicular intruders and send out alerts.

How to Get The RAS

To learn more about this solution or to request a demo, please email  info@strob.com.ng or call us at +234 806 463 3508.