Our ROV Fleet

Seaeye Cougar-XT
The Cougar-XT ROV is a highly flexible and powerful vehicle depth-rated to 2000m. Its six thrusters provide precise handling and control in strong current environments. The Cougar-XT is ideal for survey work, IRM, drill support, light construction projects and salvage support operations.
Seaeye Falcon
The Falcon is a compact and lightweight electric ROV which can be mobilized quickly due to its size. The Falcon is very versatile and can be configured to carry out numerous subsea tasks.
VideoRay Mission Specialist Defender
The VideoRay Mission Specialist (MSS) Defender is a versatile and powerful ROV which is capable of taking on some very demanding workloads. With seven thrusters, the Defender is able to move in any direction and maintain active pitch to face the vehicle in an upward or downward orientation. Depth-rated for up to 1,000m, it is easy to deploy and is very well suited for tasks such as UWILD.
VideoRay Pro4
The Pro4 is a lightweight, portable and extremely capable ROV soultion for underwater inspection tasks such as UWILD. It is depth rated for 305m (1,000 ft), and can be deployed easily.